Yes! Yes! Yes! Thankyou for coming!

So last night was my first ever solo art show.  Just like to say thankyou to the gallery boys from 9Lives and Matt from The Outpost for all their help over the last few days with the set-up.  Also thanks for all of the support from everyone who came along to the show.  Was a great night indeed.  The show will be up this weekend and next.  For more details visit  I'll be uploading all photos of my work soon as well as more photos from the set-up to the opening.  In the meantime check out my little time lapse from the mural I painted in the gallery on Thursday.  Thanks again!

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Ola. said...

My name is Ola.
I bought a photo of yours from View Finder at Ninelives and picked it up the other day from The Outpost.
I'd just like to say thankyou for the lovely image I have it framed on my wall :)