Send more love

Dropped by my parents house on lunch today and checked the post and to my amazement there was something for me that wasn't a bill, fine, bad magazine or a flyer asking me to join the local gym (guy-m).

Instead it was a postcard from one of my best friends who moved to America a few years back.  Nek-minnit anything on my mind washed away and a smile was painted across my face.  All gummy.

I encourage you to post a friend something today, don't text, email, facebook, tweet, skype them??  Do it.  I guarantee you'll surprise them and put a smile on their face!


Rhythm x Board Culture // Pasted from Rhythm Livin on Vimeo.

Did a big paste-up last week of Harry's Son Roach for Rhythm at Board Culture on the Gold Coast.  Twas fun.


A shot Peto took of me riding his hull from earlier in the year at Lennox scored a double spread-type-thing in the latest Slide Magazine.  Nek minnit...stoked.

Once was lost, now is found

A fin (centre, big blue thing) I designed once upon a time popped up on Crawley's blog.
Based it off the tail of a jet.

Oh Well