So if your in Byron town for Splendour come along to my buddy Paul's book launch. This is Paul's 3rd childrens book I believe. Got a sneak peak of the book pre-production while Paul was overseas, and it looks rad. See you there. (The top drawing is a little artwork I did of Paul sleeping. Note: Paul has a nice electric blanket)

Insight in the Grass

Last week I spent a few days in Byron Bay. In between surfing, coffee and organic donuts I helped Insight set up their pop-up store in town. Designed by Steve Gorrow and a fellow accomplice (not sure of their name/s..sorry) the store came together over a 48-hour period and to finish it off I did some doodling on the canvas walls and a mural on the store window. If your in town be sure to check it out. It's opposite St Elmo Bar just off the main drag. See you at Splendour!

Zine Ya Face Off

Sea Cell and Teeluxe are proud to announce an upcoming zine event in Byron Bay.

An exhibition of zines created by a crew of local and international artists including: Joe Allen (AUS), Craig Atkinson (UK), Kimberly Amos (AUS), Jody Barton (UK), Martin Bell (AUS), Pete Brower (US), Jeff Canham (US), Tracey Churchward (AUS), Culture Vulture (UK), Ryan Heywood (AUS), Nick Chalmers (AUS), Cathie Glassby (AUS), Jason Gormley (AUS), Hardland/Heartland (US), Ben Havenaar (AUS), Alex Kopps (US), Stefan Marx (DEU), Paul McNeil (AUS), Moustache Collective (AUS), Jim Newitt (UK), Craig Rochfort (AUS), Jordan Rochfort (AUS), Nathaniel Russell (US), Loren Victory (US), Matt Yeates (AUS) and more...In addition to the artist zine exhibition a huge selection of zines will be on display.

Lach Stock and a few smokin' photos

Thief they call me.  What ever!  Here are s few shot I stole from Lachie's blog.  These were taken last week down in Byron at the SeaCell when I picked up my new log.  Top shot has nothing to do with anything, I just like Joel's shirt.