BLAGHC!!! Fat CAT!!!!

Blaghc!!! (pronounced Black) is the new Black. It's a the avant gardé of the art world today and me and my friend Merry invented it and covered my new board in it. Good England.

This is a new model Dan Macdonald (DMS) made me a couple of weeks ago that I finally got tonight. Basically I wanted a short, fat, fun shortboard and this is what he whipped up and dubbed the 'Fat Cat'. Matty rode the 2nd one of this model Dan has ever made and he says it's the best board he's ridden all year. Hope mine goes as well as it looks.

My Friend Sarah

My friend Sarah is not human. I seriously don't get it. How she fits art direction, photography, styling, modelling, partying, eating and sleeping into each and every week baffles me. Pictured above is just a part of one of many projects Sarah has worked on recently. She tells me she spent 6 hours playing old school video games with a friend capturing stills from the games to achieve this imagery, oh yeh she's the model in the shoot too. Check out her site you'll be impressed. I don't know any other Aussie ex-pats living in New York at the ripe age of 20 (or 21) who is whipping this much amazingness up.

Sizzle Baby

The Bondi 'Sizzle Festival' is this weekend and seems to be talk of the town for post Fashion week socialites. Got the two works above (Apologies for poor quality images taken on my phone) in the art show at Bondi Beach Road Hotel that runs from yesterday till Sunday. Dropped of my works to be hung and there is a hell of a lot of good art on show. If your in the area put your head in and make sure you take your cheque books because all art is 0% commission so no doubt it will be a bit cheaper than usual so get chequing. If your interested in these works feel free to email n_chalmers86 at From top to bottom: Mrs Mini Greg, Ink/Acrylic on Timber Clear Acrylic Coated (2010), Girl on Top, Ink/Acrylic on Timber Clear Resin Coated (2010).