Chalmer x Dark Park = Pavot de Mile

Pavot de Mile is a short film I made for Dark Park short film series which is part of the recently launched Art ParkThankyou to Craig & Paul from Art Park and everyone who helped make Pavot de Mile happen.  While you're creeping make sure you check out Abegg and Heywood's films.

Paper Tales Install

Here's a few photos I stole from Bec Winnel's site (sorry Bec!) from the Paper Tales show at NineLives Gallery.  My works (2nd photo from the bottom) were all spray paint and ink on pages from an old book I found about a woman by the name of Susan Gray.   Thanks to Courtney and Bec for organising a great show and everyone else involved.....and Matt for hanging my works!

Paper Tales @ NineLives

Curated by Bec Winnel and Courtney Brims, Paper Tales opens on the 25th of November at NineLives and features a bunch of talented folk.  I'll have a series of small new works in the show and am looking forward to the opening and seeing what everyone else had done for the show.

America August 2010


CK Portrait at the launch of his Website show.  If you haven't been to his blog yet you should because it's filled with heaps of good stuff and he's updating almost ever day not like yours truly.

My Hommus

My good friend John 'Hommus' is having the premiere of his movie '2 Weeks' next week in at the Byron Community Centre.  The film captures Johnny's journey of self-exploration in the Tasmanian wilderness and from what I've heard the movie is nothing short of amazing.  Go my Hommy go!



The catalogue of works from 'Ze Frog & Toad' show

It's taken forever but finally a catalogue has been finished with the works that were in the Ze Frog & Toad exhibition.  Click this link and follow the prompts to download the file.  If you are interested in any of the works click here.  Been a bit slack with posts of late but there is more unseen footage and photos to come.  Thanks to CK for shooting all the works.

Heywood this Thursday @ NineLives

Ryan Heywood is exhibiting this Thursday at NineLives so if you're in the hood and want an excuse to get out of your cave that you've been stuck in from the constant rain come along.

Ze Outpost

This is a bit late but better late than never right?  A select range of works from 'Ze Frog & Toad' are currently on display and for sale and The Outpost in Brisbane, just around the corner from NineLives Gallery.  The works will be up for a little while longer so if you're in the area go check them out and all the goodness The Outpost has to offer. Apologies for terrible picture, it's from a phone.

Mad Dogs

I've just spent the past 5-weeks in a confined truck cabin traveling Australia with this guy and I'm still not over him and I could probably count on one hand how many people I could you say that about.  Sam Smith aka one of the 3-Amigos that were part of Ze Frog & Toad's road crew and the man behind all the amazing webisodes you've seen on this site has the opening of his show tonight at NineLives Gallery in Brisbane.  I've had the privilege of watching Sam's work develop over the years as well as watching his work start to finish for this show and I'm psyched to see him put it all together in a gallery.  Good luck Smith. 

On Ze G-Sea Tonight!

Claudio Kirac has been a mentor of mine since I first heard of his existence and he's having a little shindig that will no doubt turn into a big shindig from 6pm at The Cavern tonight to launch his new WEBSITE.  Turn your T.V. off, cancel your date or re-locate it and head down for a few drops of red and a whole bag of entertainment. Good Luck CK.

Episode Free. Ze Melbourne Show.

Apologies for lack of updates here, been on the road and posting at, new episode is currently being edited as you read this x

Hosier Lane while on Ze Toad

Was lucky enough to be able to paint part of Hosier Lane with Matty and Sam Smith yesterday.  Spent a few days in Melbourne for my travelling solo show Ze Frog & Toad.  Thanks to Amac from Until Never/City Lights Projects for being our awesome host with the most.

WAX OFF exhibit

Here are the two pieces I had in the Wax Off Exhibition at Greenwood Gallery.  For opening photos from the night click here.  Top to Bottom: A. Vernon Williams (250mm x 250mm, Mixed Media on Timber), W.Walker (250mm x 250mm, Mixed Media on Timber).

Empire Ave...

...have put a little interview up on their site as part of WAX OFF 2010 a group art exhibition I'm in. Check it out here.

Mad Dogs Pt.1

Mad Dogs. Part 1. from sam smith on Vimeo.

Sam Smith is one of my Dawgs and his first Sydney Solo show exhibition opens on the 29th of July at Oh Really Gallery. For more go to


My friend Brandon just spent a few weeks 'down under' filming for a project he is working on involving 70's-esque surfboards. Here are a few stills he shot from the water on a couple of cloudier days. Top to Bottom: Ze Lucky Chalm Spitting, Lucky Down Under, Panda Spotting.


This September I will be exhibiting my solo show 'Ze Frog & Toad' with all new unseen works in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane starting on the 3rd in Melbourne. Keep an eye on for more details to come.

K-Mahl In Ze Studio

Ze Whisky Gallery

Apparently the Whisky Bar couldn't have gone better. The whisky was flowing and the floors were about to collapse.

Here are three new pieces that I have on display at the Whisky Gallery from top to bottom: Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again. (Think they are 200mm square? Sorry for image quality too, just a quick snap on my phone before I posted them down to the boys at the 11th hour).

Stone & Wood Keg Show x Ambush Gallery x Chalmers = Movember Donation

Stoked, got an email from Rick at Stone & Wood a couple of days ago telling me that I'd sold my keg at the Keg Show at Ambush Gallery in Sydney. Apparently the Gallery were the people who bought it so I'm chuffed. Anyway, $350 goes straight to my chosen charity Movember and the keg lives happily ever after (hopefully). Thanks to Stone & Wood for organizing the show and Ambush for buying my keg.


1 Week from today the Whisky Gallery will be opening it's doors to it's first show featuring a stack of talented artists. If you're in the Sydney vicinity make sure you go along.

Le Festival Adore

Le Festival Adore from Nicholas Chalmers on Vimeo.

This is the film which I made for my installation at 'I USED TO SKATE ONCE 6' Exhibiton.

The movie is cut from a reel of Super8 Film I shot in outback Australia. I used the best images from the reel as most of it was over exposed courtesy of my broken camera.

Basically the film is a bit of tongue and cheek for all the art-house style films out there that use antique looking footage and non-english voices. Nothing serious just an attempt of a bit of light hearted humour. I'm hoping viewers who speak French will get a laugh out of this as the subtitles and talking are completely non-related. For example the French dialogue starts a little something like this "Isn't it funny how you can say anything in French and it sounds so sexy..."

Enjoy (hopefully)


Tonight is I USED TO SKATE ONCE 6. Stoked I was asked to be in this show again. Come along tonight and have a drink and be a sponge and soak up arted-up skateboards if your in Bristown or nearby.

Ze Keg Show

I was lucky enough to be asked to paint a keg for Stone and Wood's keg show that opens this Friday night in Byron at their Headquarters. The show then goes from Byron to 19karen on the Gold Coast then down to Ambush Gallery in Sydney.

All kegs are for sale and full proceeds goes directly to the artists's chosen Charity. Will post photos from the openings.

BLAGHC!!! Fat CAT!!!!

Blaghc!!! (pronounced Black) is the new Black. It's a the avant gardé of the art world today and me and my friend Merry invented it and covered my new board in it. Good England.

This is a new model Dan Macdonald (DMS) made me a couple of weeks ago that I finally got tonight. Basically I wanted a short, fat, fun shortboard and this is what he whipped up and dubbed the 'Fat Cat'. Matty rode the 2nd one of this model Dan has ever made and he says it's the best board he's ridden all year. Hope mine goes as well as it looks.

My Friend Sarah

My friend Sarah is not human. I seriously don't get it. How she fits art direction, photography, styling, modelling, partying, eating and sleeping into each and every week baffles me. Pictured above is just a part of one of many projects Sarah has worked on recently. She tells me she spent 6 hours playing old school video games with a friend capturing stills from the games to achieve this imagery, oh yeh she's the model in the shoot too. Check out her site you'll be impressed. I don't know any other Aussie ex-pats living in New York at the ripe age of 20 (or 21) who is whipping this much amazingness up.

Sizzle Baby

The Bondi 'Sizzle Festival' is this weekend and seems to be talk of the town for post Fashion week socialites. Got the two works above (Apologies for poor quality images taken on my phone) in the art show at Bondi Beach Road Hotel that runs from yesterday till Sunday. Dropped of my works to be hung and there is a hell of a lot of good art on show. If your in the area put your head in and make sure you take your cheque books because all art is 0% commission so no doubt it will be a bit cheaper than usual so get chequing. If your interested in these works feel free to email n_chalmers86 at From top to bottom: Mrs Mini Greg, Ink/Acrylic on Timber Clear Acrylic Coated (2010), Girl on Top, Ink/Acrylic on Timber Clear Resin Coated (2010).

Amber = Amazing

Amber B(D) is one of my best friends and one of my muse's. I miss the days that I could ride my bike around the corner to her house/studio and drink cups of tea and look at all the mad new things she was working on.

Like myself Amber is a creator and enjoyer of zines and she has released her new one, only this time she has released a pdf version on the web for the world's viewing. Following this link and be a human sponge and soak up some of Amber's creative juices. Check out the rest of her site too while your at it.

Chalmers x Insight Garage Artists (Post Un/Deux)

Did a live painting instore at 'Neighbourhood' in Surfers Paradise last night in collaboration with Insight Garage Artists program. Was so much fun that I even managed to spell 'Insight' right! Was good to have Dane up too to have someone to heckle the Mush whilst I got my art-fag on.

One 9th of 9Lives Pap

Spent 24-hours up in Noosa with some of ze boys during the last Friday of the Noosa Long Board Fest and had a blast. Waves were pumpernickle and everyone was on fire. Images shot by The B.F.G. aka Matt Rabbidge aka greaterthen. From ze top to ze bottom: Crazy Driver at the highway pie stop, taking the revamped twin for a spin, getting all souly, The Dr post old-mal heat win, Little man tweaking, The Dr and my weapon, Tommy and his lady friend.