Purcharelly Ding-Dong

My 2nd Purch Quartet is nearly complete.  "She will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine"

Shaka Chanel (Surf or Die)

Portraits with my deck from the I Used to Skate Once Show, Brisbane 2011.
Top to Bottom: Max, Rab, Yours truly.
100 ISO shot on Konica Tomato

CK & Ronald Mac

Mentor, friend and all round dude.
CK en route Used to Skate Once 2011.
100 ISO shot on Konica Tomato

132 Photos and 3 hours later

4 rolls of film scanned 
so stay tuned for photos of randomness 
of the last 6 or something months 
of my life.

Korduroy Interview

Interview with Korduroy TV here.
A little old in the cyber world but better late than never (maybe)!