SANDI foaming

So if you didn't know where I live (The Gold Coast) just copped the raw end of a severe storm/cyclone thing which smashed up a lot of things.  The beach erosion says it all and made a playground for my dog Sandi.  

Lovers' Land Set-Up

Here are a few shots from the Lovers' Land set-up.  Thanks to the Deus kitchen for keeping us high on coffee and keeping our belly's full on the day of the set-up.  If your near Deus make sure you drop by for a coffee and check out their showroom...1 word AMAZING.  Photos from Top Left Clockwise: Me and Me Surfing by D.Hump, Deus' front door, Jase and Jase surfing by D.Hump, Jase zoning, Fixies and Art, Wheels for good taste, Steel & Rubber, W.H.A.L.E.B.O.N.E.

Pre Lovers' Land Show

So before the Lovers' Land Show in Sydney I was lucky to take a few days off and hang out with my friends from the Northern Beaches.  Was good to catch up with Louis my pal from Home & Away and of course Mia & Jase who gave me a roof and a cosy spot on their couch.  Photos from Top Left Clockwise: Jase & Mia Facebooking or something?, Louis' trusty Volvo on the set of Home & Away, Mia cutting wood, Mia cutting Chicken! 


Milly is one of my good friends daughters.  She looks angelic here but it's only a matter of time before she's out breaking hearts in her kindergarten. 

Porridge x Lovers'

So after divorcing Ms Porridge back in my pre-pubescent days I have decided to re-marry her.  I would like to thank Salsa's better half Mia for re-uniting myself and Ms Porridge when I was holding up fort on their couch.  Since my first marriage to Ms Porridge she has had a makeover and now tastes extra good with a dash of cinnamon, chopped banana, thrash of LSA and a spoon full of Honey to get our hormones flaring.  Check out Mia's blog too wolfieandhuck


Brandon took this shot and I bastardized it by putting some art in the sky.  Once again this another one of those photos that makes absolute rubbish waves look like a playground.  The Truth: This was a shorebreak near my house, it was 1 foot and closing out in ankle deep water and we had about 30 minutes of light left.  Get what your given hah!

Love Boat

Once again, today I am a thieving bastard. This is a shot one of my good buddys Matt Yaetes took of me riding the Love Boat whilst on our road trip to Syd's Knee and back. This is the 2nd surfboard Dain Thomas (shaper of Sea Surfoards and new offspring maker) ever made, modelled of a Bob McTavish. Where did I steal this one from? Thanks Garry

I'm a Thief.

I admit it, I'm a thief. I stole these photos from the Lovers' Land Gallery from the Deus x Machina site. Was a fun night and hopefully a glimpse of what's to come for the Lovers' Land team. Stoked to be part of it all. Thanks to Deus and D. Hump and everyone involved, great night.

Cunneth is Great

Here are a couple of portraits Matt "Cunneth" Rabbo took of me the day of my solo show at 9Lives.  As you can see I don't look hung over or tired at all!  A few facts about Matt you may or may not no are: he is 1 9th of 9Lives, he is tall, he surfs with grace, his Nickname is Cunneth, he is my friend, his blog is, he is great.