Twas the Annual Fish Fry at Shark Alley today.  Some cool things getting around once again.
Waves were kinda fun too (minus the copious amounts of kooks clogging the line up....whhhhaaatttteevvvvveeerrr kook!).

Photos top to bottom:
(L to R) DT, Yours Truly and my twin Johnny checking out Tom Wegners amazingness.  The offspring of the masters at SeaSurboards.  (L to R) DT, Sugar and Johnny in SeaUniform. (L to R) Matty Yaetes, Von Weirdo, DT, Tyler Warren, Me and Johnny.  Me Creeping out.  Paul "sick faggot" MAC.  RatRod DMS.  The legendarily cute Bianca A with Sams Doggy-dog ROOF!

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