Hello there. Here is the flyer to a group show I'm having with two of my best friends Ben Havenaar and Merry Wilson. I would be lieing if I said I didn't want you to come along and check out our new work!

Edible Shredable©

Hello.  Here is the little film I made from painting my new log "Maroon Ear Eater".  Hopefully Dan will make his slaves finish it by tomorrow so I can take it for a slide on the weekend.  For your enjoyment or discomfort Edible Shredable.

Maroon Eye Eater get on the bus

Hello.  Here is a few pictures I took of my new log "Maroon Eye Eater" (pre-glossed).  Only a few days till I can take her for a spin.  There's  a short film that is footage I took of the painting process, that will be finished and youtubed shortly.  Picked up a new fin of Dan yesterday to.  It's one I designed based on the tail of a jet plane.  Looks weird, not sure how it will go but we'll soon see. .....................eeeee.eee......eeeeeeee.eeeeee....eeeeee.

Maroon Eye Eater Eat Me

Here is a couple of shots I took of my new log when I was down at Dans factory.  Just have to add some black line detail to the faces and get it polished and take it for a spin.  Check the last shot too, it's a board Dan made for local grom Ed.  Dans a midget and the board still looks small hehehe.

Bizario Sins

Check it out, bizarioest thing ever. Ben and I went to check out our work a couple of days ago and surrounding the car was 3 dead fish.  No idea how they got there, but heres some photos of them and the car.


This is a short film Ben Havenaar and myself made from some footage we took of ourselves painting a burnt out car we found. Sins Only

The Deviant and me

Just finished a piece for Pene's Art Collection of fins that should be released Summer08.  This is the fin I've been using lately in my logs so I chose this one to have my art on.  Can't show you the piece unfortunately but I'll keep you posted.  Take a look at their site