Circa Street Fun

Been a bit quiet on the updates as I've been working on a bunch of projects at the moment none worthy of blog posts but I stumbled across some old street art myself and my mate Ben Havenaar did back 2004/2005. Both gone now but "where is felicity" stood strong outliving numerous gig posters and weak wheat pastes and went down with the demolition of the building. Happy days indeed.

Undressing part of Cherries

Here's a few pages from my new zine I blogged about below that was featured in the "Zine Age Riot" at SeaCell from the weekend. Was a great day, props to the SeaMen and Craig from Teeluxe for organizing the event. For a copy of "That's Cherries" and other zines that were in the event click this link.

That's not Apples it's Cherries

My new zine "That's Cherries" is finally complete and ready for whatever zines are ready for! Smaller amount this time, just 30, each copy has a hand drawn cover and is full of all sorts of sketches and shananigans! "That's Cherries" will be for sale tomorrow at the Zine Age Riot Show at SeaCell, open 11am - 4pm. For more info go to