Filing SUX

Editing a clip for the world wide web starts today.  Sifting through 30-something gig of footage begins.  Stay tuned for "(haven't decided on a name)".

New Sa Chork Tyme

Decided to take advantage of a random slab of concrete framed by a bunch of dirt, leaves and a hand rail.  Took to it with a stick of chalk courtesy of the young lady who took these images.  Noosa, 2011

Lost Neville

This is the trailer to Kai Neville's new film Lost Alas.  It makes me depressed seeing what guys my age and younger are doing on surfboards these days...makes me feel like an absolute kook....the truth hurts haha.  Inspires me to want to 
1. Travel more.
2. Surf more.
3. Shoot more.
4. Edit more.
5. Travel more.
6. Hang with my friends more.
7. Live more?
Maybe that's what ''livin' the dream is'' then?! 

Wax Off @ Ze Mill

My two pieces I put in the Wax Off Show at The Sugar Mill 
Left to Right: Girl Wrapped in Snake, Boy Wrapped in Snake.


This is the skate deck I did for the I Used To Skate Once show for 2011.  If it wasn't for my friend picking up my spelling mistake at the 11th hour my deck would have said "I USED TO SURE ONCE".  Thanks for the heads up PM, and thanks to Claud for the shot I stole from his iPhone photo blog The Fish in the Sea.

The Worthys 2011

New edition of Surfing World is out and I was lucky enough for my portrait of Westerly Windina (formerly known as Peter Drouyn) to receive the opening spread in the article for the finalists of The Worthys. Stoked I made the finalists and can't wait for the show later in the year.   Some amazing entries in there, stoked to be sitting alongside them.