Please Help now!

Please go to this link and answer the short online survey.  It honestly takes 5 minutes max, unless you go crazy and answer essay length answers.  Whether you're an artist or not us Gold Coasters' would love a Cultural Precinct to help grow our creative community and to support it.  I'm psyched for this to happen because the plans look great.  Who knows maybe one day the Gold Coast won't be known for it's trashy night clubs and plastic people? (That last bits just tongue and cheek, don't take it to heart!)

High as a fricken kite

So psyched on this.  This is a shot of Rangi Tun-a-mun-a Doolin' my brother with different blood shot by my other brother with different blood Spam Smith. that is featured in the new Monster Children issue.  This is one of the things that get's me so high, seeing my best friends do rad shit.  Whether this shot was published or not I'd still be stoked the boys nailed a shot like this. Woooo....wooo...I've had one coffee and feel like I've had a hundred.  Yes! Yes! Yes! Headphones on, shoes tied tight and I'm pushing play on my iPod ready for my song of the month 'This Must Be The Place' by Talking Heads.SORRY: FOR THE CRAP SCAN...I DON'T HAVE AN IPHONE SO THIS WAS THE QUICKEST WAY TO GO DIGITAL :)

OooF Ooof

Super8 grab of a little OooF Ooof.  Secret spot, NSW, Australia 2011

Check it...

Congrats to my brother John for putting this together.  He really nailed this edit summing
up the emotion that Joni captures with her pictures and also from my personal experience he photographed the day to a tee.

Noosa by Morgan aka Nelson Muntz

So this is just a nibble of what was going down in Noosa through the eyes of Morgan Maassen.  Check out some more shots here. From top to bottom: Peto trying to get creative,  The (Harrison) Roach Approach, well I couldn't surf!, Hannah about to get so pitted, Dirty Long Hair #1 and Dirty Long Hair #2 (Who is he?), Wok half way through a 14-minute nose-ride.

R.I.P. Flipper

Not sure the cause of death here.  Either way it was a sad discovery.  Super 8 grab.  Secret Spot, NSW, Australia 2011

Best Coast x Woodland

Best Coast @ Woodland, Brisbane, 2011

Lazy Posting

Yeh whatever, I've been slack, I know!  Been having some mental times with friends who I haven't seen for a while and in between have either been looking through my car windscreen hours on end or looking through a camera.  Courtesy of a hernia op I haven't been surfing for the past 6 weeks so I've been doing everything else besides that and updating this thing.  Got a tonne of photos and clips to filter through and edit so for now each day or round about I will put some randomness from the last few weeks and beyond.  Adios x

KB Later? HA!

....teaser i made for the Rhythm party/event Logger Rhythm that's on this Friday Night. Come along and enjoy some live music, art and Cyrus Sutton's Stoked & Broke Aus Screening.

(The K-Man) 12 something years later......

....nothing much has changed.  The guy on the right Robert, otherwise better known as Kelly Slater, is still dominating professional surfing and is fresh from a victory today at the Quiksilver Pro.  As for the guy on the left, who happens to be me, well, my hair and limbs are a bit longer and my teeth still big...and I'm still wearing bad short sleeve button ups! (But no as bad as this one!)

Sternbach behind the scenes

Rinsing the slide with "H2o"
The Final Step....developing
Tah-Dah!!!! (like a magician would say?!)
Sternbach & Abegg Hommus
Joni & Me (Check Joni's head piece. I had a towel over my head to shade my self from the sun so Joni thought she'd join in on the fun and improvised with her camera shade.  Rad lady!)
Joni shooting
"So what does it do? Is it digital??? Let me see the picture you just took!"  
Paul Mc of ArtPark pestering Joni on the job!

J. Sternbach x Chalmers (stoked!)

Joni Sterbach's work can't be described in words.  I tried but sat in front of my keyboard with the little typing cursing blinking away, not knowing what words to put down.  For now I think it's best that I let her work do the talking that you can check out at on her website here.  I was lucky enough to be asked by Joni to have my portrait taken and I didn't even need to think about my answer.  I spent the morning at the Pass, Byron Bay and watched on in amazement as Joni worked away taking other portraits and developing them on the spot.  When it came time to develop my photo I stood back and watched on and once the process had finished she asked my opinion.  I was lost for words and thought ''who cares about my opinion? You're the artist"  and that's what I ended up saying.  She laughed and then I said "This is going to be the photo I want at my funeral".  For now I've got to much I want to achieve so hopefully you wont see this on a casket any time soon! Thankyou to Joni and her assistant Kim for making it a day I will never forget, and thanks to Paul and Craig from ArtPark for bringing her out here and introducing me to Joni.  Will post some shots I took on the day soon and I sent off a roll of super8 I shot as well so that will be up here in the next few weeks.
Steve Gorrow is currently exhibiting his latest bodies of work that he collaborated on with the late Peter Crawford (70's Master of Surf Cultur photography). 'Get Off My Cloud' is showing at the top of D'Bah Hill in a little old house converted to a gallery.  I went to the opening and the works blew me away.  So stoked for Steve and this show.  Not that he ever fails to impress but this is definitely my favourite work of his to date.  Congrats Steve and Peter.
GET OFF MY CLOUD by Peter Crawford and Steve Gorrow from Insight Clothing on Vimeo.

Laneway 11

Shot and Edited this clip from Laneway 11 in Brisbane for the 
the boys from NineLives & HappyEndings.