Brandon is good...good is GR8 M8

So a buddy of mine from The Rock is living in Aus at the moment and came and captured some oil from Sundays secret session of board/wave sharing.  His name is Brandon and I dig his work...good to see something rather than the generic front on "Mick at Snapper" type shot.  If he can make us look good then the future is looking nothing but bright for him and his photos. From top to bottom: Waxin (me),  Speed Burn (me), Sammy Smith speeding, Dr Nate, Tubular (SS), SS Sliding, Fly away (me), Floatsy McFloat (me), Kammy BS 50/50, Hands on Deck (me), Dexter Hackin, Burnin Rail (me), "hmmm what to ride". 

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