Split x BEN

Here is pretty much the rest of the roll from The R.I.P. Konica. These ones turned out a bit better from one of many winter loggin days at home with one of my partners in crime Ben(jamin) Havenaar.

Point & Shoot

So dropped in some film that I shot on a Konica Point & Shoot I found in a box of clothes at my house. Here's a bunch of portraits of some friends that happen to be all out of focus. I dropped the camera half way through this roll and it is now in camera heaven. RIP Konica and your terrible focus.


I'm looking forward to the release of this Album. Black Keys blended with some mad rappers. Good mix of music styles I think. Check it out www.blacroc.com


The Premier/Party of "___" is Friday 25th September at SeaCell Gallery 4/1 Acacia St Byron Bay Arts Estate. From what I've seen the movie looks quite entertaining and is far from the norm of the indie sound tracked air reverse filled surf films of today (minus a few! Relax!). Come along and check it out for youself, will be a fun night.

Chay Otic

The newest issue of Chaos Mag is now online and features an interview Keiran Burke did about me. For more go to www.chaos-mag.com

Brodie x Lucky Chalm

Just got this shot emailed through from one of my Bay friends Brodie Jackson. Left my log at his house and his hallway ended up working a bit Alice In Wonderland Style with the 'Lucky Chalm'.

SAAB x ME x NineLives

Last night I was given the opportunity to paint a car for an event in Brisbane. Matt from 9Lives Gallery helped organize the event and ended up getting me a rad old SAAB to paint on for the night. Not sure of this pussy's fate, but let me know if you see it around Brisvegas.