Amber = Amazing

Amber B(D) is one of my best friends and one of my muse's. I miss the days that I could ride my bike around the corner to her house/studio and drink cups of tea and look at all the mad new things she was working on.

Like myself Amber is a creator and enjoyer of zines and she has released her new one, only this time she has released a pdf version on the web for the world's viewing. Following this link and be a human sponge and soak up some of Amber's creative juices. Check out the rest of her site too while your at it.

Chalmers x Insight Garage Artists (Post Un/Deux)

Did a live painting instore at 'Neighbourhood' in Surfers Paradise last night in collaboration with Insight Garage Artists program. Was so much fun that I even managed to spell 'Insight' right! Was good to have Dane up too to have someone to heckle the Mush whilst I got my art-fag on.

One 9th of 9Lives Pap

Spent 24-hours up in Noosa with some of ze boys during the last Friday of the Noosa Long Board Fest and had a blast. Waves were pumpernickle and everyone was on fire. Images shot by The B.F.G. aka Matt Rabbidge aka greaterthen. From ze top to ze bottom: Crazy Driver at the highway pie stop, taking the revamped twin for a spin, getting all souly, The Dr post old-mal heat win, Little man tweaking, The Dr and my weapon, Tommy and his lady friend.


Landscape Altered - Teaser from Kai Neville on Vimeo.

Here's a couple of shots of a board I drew on for Mod Col Mitch Coleburn. Post and Pre destruction action on Kustom's Landscapes Altered. Bottom photo


Still waiting on 3 rolls of super8 film that I've shot over the past few
weeks but until then enjoy this little clip my 'pal' Blasé put together
of my old man and surfing extraordinaire/style icon Peter Drouyn
filmed in the 70's on super8 at Surfers Paradise. Ripping!

Chanel Baby!