TRAVELLERS (a photography exhibtion into the unknown)

This is on tomorrow night at Comb Gallery in Tweed Heads.  I've got a few framed photos in the show
that I'll post up here after the show and from what Blaine, the shows curator, tells me the works are looking amazing.  Congrats to Blaine on making TRAVELLERS happen.

Bagels and Java

Peto reflecting (sick pun huh?!) whilst indulging at the Bean Drop, Noosa 2011. 

Pikey Dingo

Yaetstacey & Dingowood Sequence fun, shot on a $5 Japanese 1990's 35mm camera I found in a Noosa Op-shop.  Love-it! Secret Spot, NSW Australia 2011

The Art Park Journal #1

I don't usually enjoy the smell of a fresh newspapers because it brings me back to my paper boy delivering days (yes I delivered papers for something retarded like $6 for 150 papers....slave labour?).  But this newspaper is like the smell off a U.S.A. burger from the Top-Shop after a gnarly-surf-dude-session at Monkey's.  When I got handed a copy of this newspaper I was like a kid at Christmas getting a Furby or something?  The ArtPark Journal #1 is now out and for FREE!!!!  All you have to do is go here and pay for your postage and it will be delivered to your doorstep wherever you live in the world.  I hope you get a kick out of it as much as I did.  It's full of a tonne of good articles and art.  Do it now! Everyone else is (see picture above).

Imports or Exports

Sisters without a postcode.  Byron Bay, NSW Australia 2011


Dane Peterson is a marvelous man.  I first became aware of Peto in Thomas Campbell's films Sprout & The Seedling.  From the stuff I'd seen in these movies I'd come away with an opinion on the guy.  1. He has a mental surfing style and approach that I ''heart the shit'' out of and 2. He seems like a tonne of fun (and little did I know he's a master behind any camera you throw at him).  If you'd asked me back then ''do you think Dane will be one of your best friends one day?" I would have answered "HELL NO!!!" only because I didn't think it would have happened not because we weren't similar in some-ways.  X-amount of years later I call Dane ''one of my best friends''.  "Blowing-wind much?" You might say.  I'd probably say this if I read it, but whatever, blowing-wind is far from it.  The kid has a heart of gold and all his friends know it.  PS. The shots above are a few shots of Dane took of me messing around the last few weeks.  Enjoy or don't.

Join S x Byron

Joni Sternbach, portrait.  Byron Bay, 2011


Quiver Portrait from day at the beach with Joni S and crew.  Byron Bay, NSW Australia 2011

Peto Pinky

Peto & I goofing off elevator style.  Coolangatta, Australia 2011.  Photo by Dane Peter's Son

The Roach Approach

The Roach Approach no sinus infections here.  Super 8 Grab secret spot, NSW, Australia 2011.