Monster Children

Issue Number 25 of Monster Children just came out in Oz and on page 25 is a little write up, so big props to the MC crew for the little piece!

4000 x Chalmers

Last Thursday night FourThousand threw their Xmas Luau Party in Brisbane's Valley behind The Zoo.  Twas a fun night with Cocktails flowing and snags on the barby!  Did a bit of light 'live entertainment' for an hour on some wood.  

MTV x Dreamworld x Chalmers

Last week I did an installation piece for MTV at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.  Here are some progress and finished photos of the project.  The billboard piece is a combination of spraypaint, paint and paste-ups and the wall pieces are A0 paste-ups that lead from the MTV cafe to the amphitheater where MTV will present 3 live shows a day running over the summer holidays.  Thanks to Jaké for being a fine apprentice too!

Water Proof Cam Error

No errors here. Just a rad town afternoon at the beach. The waves have been all time summer fun the last week. Here are some shots from earlier this week from a session with girls, boys, a panda, a biccy, a lala, a gato and a ferret. Take me back there now!

Never Ever

Found these shots laying around my computer that Joel Morris aka took 2 days prior to the opening of my solo show at 9lives gallery earlier this year. 

Mr and Mrs Ferret

Here is the bottom of "Sucre Vs KFC" (board on left) with my '08 Ferret.  Mr Ferret was getting pretty toey so I thought I best make him a girlfriend before things got any crazier for him.  

Sucre VS KFC

Bryce picked up a custom "Ferret" from DMS over the weekend and it was in need of a mess up so I got some pens out and went to town.  Titled "Sucre VS KFC"

Small Friessssssssssssssss

If your not going to the "Little Black Wheels" Premiere then you best be going to this show.  NineLives presents "Small Frys" a collection of pint sized works with one price to match.  Definitely worth your while popping your head in to take advantage of these tasty prices whether it be for a Christmas gift or merely just a piece to start or add to your art collection......and just another way of showing your support to the artists and gallery.  I will be posting my work from the show after opening night.

Lil' Black Wheels are a rollin'

This Friday night is the Premiere of "Little Black Wheels" a film by Mick "Muddy" Waters. From looking at the preview the movie should be nothing short of amazing.

The "Burn" X-Processed

Roll #2 X-Processed Fuji Colour Slide shot on my trust LCA+

The "Knee" x-processed

X-Processed Fuji Colour Slide shot on my trust LCA+

One Offs Post (Deux/Trois)

Sneak and Destroy's One Off's show at Neverland Bar on the weekend was a sock full of fun. A heap of rad looking show's were on display and the crowd rocked out to a Kiss coverband. Will post some more shots of my shoes from the show soon! These shots were stolen from Gilang Siregar off the www.