Mad Dogs

I've just spent the past 5-weeks in a confined truck cabin traveling Australia with this guy and I'm still not over him and I could probably count on one hand how many people I could you say that about.  Sam Smith aka one of the 3-Amigos that were part of Ze Frog & Toad's road crew and the man behind all the amazing webisodes you've seen on this site has the opening of his show tonight at NineLives Gallery in Brisbane.  I've had the privilege of watching Sam's work develop over the years as well as watching his work start to finish for this show and I'm psyched to see him put it all together in a gallery.  Good luck Smith. 

On Ze G-Sea Tonight!

Claudio Kirac has been a mentor of mine since I first heard of his existence and he's having a little shindig that will no doubt turn into a big shindig from 6pm at The Cavern tonight to launch his new WEBSITE.  Turn your T.V. off, cancel your date or re-locate it and head down for a few drops of red and a whole bag of entertainment. Good Luck CK.

Episode Free. Ze Melbourne Show.

Apologies for lack of updates here, been on the road and posting at, new episode is currently being edited as you read this x

Hosier Lane while on Ze Toad

Was lucky enough to be able to paint part of Hosier Lane with Matty and Sam Smith yesterday.  Spent a few days in Melbourne for my travelling solo show Ze Frog & Toad.  Thanks to Amac from Until Never/City Lights Projects for being our awesome host with the most.