Take Me Away in the Bus.

Take me away in the bus,
take me away from all the fuss.
Oh oh oh oooohh oooh.

There will be know one there,
I will put daisy's in my hair.
Oh oh oh oooohh oooh.

It won't be long now,
we will be on the grass and kiss a cow.
Oh oh oh oooohh oooh.

Losing my Virginity.

Here's an exert from my first solo zine that I'm currently putting together.  It will be released and for sale at my first solo show on the 20th of March at NineLives Gallery in Brisbane.  More details to come in future blogs.....

Shark Alley Ralley

Here's some shots from this morning at the Shark Alley. The waves were porridge. Stoked!

The Process coming soon

Here's a still from a new short film I've made The Process..not on Youtube yet but it will be on the 20th of March.  

find my view.

This Friday night 9Lives Gallery is having a photo show....you should come.  Seriously ask yourself what would you be doing that will be better?  Yeh thought so...See you there!