R.I.P. Dane Reynolds on the WCT

R.I.P. Reynolds on the WCT.

I applaud Dane Reynolds for leaving the WCT.

I applaud him for taking on a "new beginning". 

Take away his fashion sense, arty clips and look at his surfing only and I'm sure you'd agree he is one of the most progressive surfers, if not the most progressive surfer, in the world today. It's sad that he is leaving for those who follow the tour, but at the end of the day surfing never started as a competitive sport like football or soccer, it was more a form of expression and enjoyment for the individual.

As you can see in this montage from 2010, Dane performed at a high level of surfing ability that most professionals currently on tour will and have never achieved whilst competing or whilst free surfing. He showed an international audience what can be done on a surfboard.

Dane leaving the tour can hopefully only allow for surfing to progress at a faster rate without the restrictions of competition. Sure he might ride some shapes that don't work, but he might also ride boards that aren't your standard 6'2 thruster that have dominated surfboard design for the last 10 years. He might ride something new that progresses surfing further than ever imagined. In the words of the late A.Einstein
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new".

I think it's pretty safe to say the future of surfing looks exciting!

Ranga with Bangs

Acrylic on wood...bit bigger than A5 in size

Mock me

Base and Computer mock up of "Ranga with Bangs" piece I put in the Art Park Christmas show last Friday night.


Sent off my artist info form to confirm my involvement in Bleach*.
For more info go here.  Looking forward to this immensely.

Purch's Best Friend

Roxy, Purch's besty, with my Quartet...some time ago