The Shower

This is a little fictional piece I wrote about the everyday "shower".

The word shower was created by an Australian man, Bobby Chavez in 1892. He put a tennis ball on the end of his garden hose and pierced some holes in the ball and turned his hose on. Out came an even spray of water that was ideal to clean yourself under. He showed his friend as a good looking broad was walking past. His friend thought let's impress this girl and said to Bobby "show 'her" pronounced in Aussie slang "show er". And that is how the name came about, now pronounced differently only when a English man in 1899 bought the idea of Bobby and put a posh twist on it. The rest is history.

Ferret Foto© Episode 1

Ferret Foto© Episode 1 is a short film I made in Dan MacDonalds (DMS) spray booth. This shape is called "The Ferret", it's a shape Dan and myself came up with. It's a quad fin 80's punk style board with a flat rocker and deck with sharp rails and a swallow tail and it goes sweet. Stay tuned for the next episode of Ferret Foto© for footage of "The Ferret" in action. peace.


SILKsliding© is a short little surf flick I edited with some old footage I found from a road trip to Northern NSW Australia. Bryce Pierpoint and Ben Havenaar filmed it.

Mariam is sweet

This is Mariam, she is a cool cat.  She was one half of the 
duo who organised "tales of the cold ghost" the first group
show I had art in.

Dick Hoole

This guy is a legend.  He was a pioneer for surf photography in the 70's
and used to make fins and do a bunch of other stuff too.  This is a shot
I took of him the other night at "Masters and The Apprentice" an 
exhibition at Inverse Gallery at Burleigh Heads (gold coast, Australia)