Spitting Waves (Post Deux/Deux)

Here are a few shots photographed by the tallest friend I have Gussy (sorry Rab your shorter). These were taken the day we filmed Spitting Waves at the Spit. For more "Jazzy" goodness by Gus and his friends go to www.evrythursday.blogspot.com


More LCA+ Colour Slide X-Processed.

The King of Neverland (Post Deux/Deux)

Here are a couple of shots Jordan "The Milkman" Malane took while I was painting the Neverland wall.

The Travelling Willburys VS Mahbud (DEUX/TROIS)

LCA+ X-processed colour slide.


If the waves were any smaller today they would have been unsurfable. 1 foot shorebreak closeouts.....was nice to be in boardies again though. Shots by Blair (Flair) McDonald.

The King of Neverland

The King of Neverland from Nicholas Chalmers on Vimeo.

This is a wall I painted at Neverland Bar in Coolangatta last week. Movie filmed and edited by Jordy Malane.

Spitting Waves

Spit Waves from Nicholas Chalmers on Vimeo.

This is a short edit from a session riding a sawn down 90's thruster converted into a twinny that was $10 from the Tip Shop. The board went well considering it only had two small fins and a big crease in the deck. The white board is a little 5'6 fishy thruster thing that goes by the name 'Panda'. Footage shot by Jordan Malane.

The Travelling Willburys VS Mahbud

X-processed colour slide shot with my LCA+. Batteries were shot and I didn't realise but still a few keepers.


Just got a roll of Kodak400 developed that I shot on my LCA+. Film was pretty old and then I left it on my window sill for a week. These shots were from the middle of the year during set up for the Insight Pop-Up store in Byron that I did art for.

Rats with Wings

The girls at Bats Magazine have just released their 5th issue "The Icon Issue" and they were kind enough to contact me and do a little interview piece. If you can't get a hard copy of the mag (which are free!), click here to download it. Props to the crew that had anything to do with the "Suburban Mayhem" (pictured below) shoot too! Your gear is hot!