One of my men.

One of my main men John Abegg took these shots of me while I was painting "Ergh Me Herghdies" for the K-Club Boxing Day show.  John is born on the same day as me, but he surfs way better, and has longer the moment anyway.  I love him, not in a gay way.  He is an inspiration to me.  Find out why at his blog


Poster says it all......NineLives. Gallery

Peace, love and single fins!

Here's a shot of me at the Burleigh Single Fin last weekend.  
Props to Marty Tullemans for taking this shot. 

More Smurfin'

Here's a shot of me taken on the 11th of Jan this year pre-heat at the Burleigh Single Fin contest.  Props to ol' Sea Dog Wilba from The Point for the photo and The Sugar Ant (Antoine) for letting me borrow his single fin for the comp.....and Matty Yeates for the last minute leggy plug glassing. Yew!

More Coffee & Sex than you can throw a stick at!

All 69 copies of this limited edition zine by Ben Havenaar and myself are selling faster than.....well faster than SEX AND COFFEE!!!!!!  Yours now for only $5, shout out if you want a coffee...I mean copy!

SEAing things!

Here's a couple of shots of The SugarAnt (Antoine) and myself taken by one of my buddy's from SeaSurfboards, Matt Yeates surfing The Monkey's Ass.  The Ant is on his new 'SeaWeed' Model and I'm riding one of their 'Sea Biscuit' models.  Waves were Pumpernickle!


Here are my 4 miniature (15 x 15cm) pieces from The SeaCell's ( latest show Xmasea that opened on the 5th of December.  Had a hell night, thanks to my man Matt, Paul, DThomas and the people who bought my art and everyone else's!  

Art from Top to Bottom: Head Fuck, The Dangerous Vixen, Sleepy Sleep Sleep, Pussy Mmm. (all art is acrylic and ink on time with varnish.)

Coffee & Sex makes the Half a Century Blog Post

Here are some shots from the production of myself and Ben Havenaar's latest zine Put your hands together for Coffee & Sex.  A limited run of 69 (sexual number reference) copies will be printed and will be for sale early next week.  Each cover has been individually hand screen printed and will be yours for the small price of 5 bones (extra for postage if necessary). 

I Promised Nothing, and delivered Something!

Here are my new works which featured in our group show 'No Promises' at 19Karen Gallery.  

In order from top to bottom:
Gill Sky 3000 (Acrylic and Polyurethane on Timber),  Devon is Devine (Acrylic and Polyurethane on Timber) Mika Likes to Rave (Acrylic and Polyurethane on Timber), Step Right Up (Ink on Ragg Paper, Framed), Sinning Only (Acrylic and Polyurethane on Timber), Merman Man (Ink and Acrylic on Map, Framed), Fixed Fear (Ink and Acrylic on Ragg Paper, Framed), Constance is a Crime (Ink and Watercolour on Ragg Paper, Framed), Bleachin' Beachin' (Acrylic and Polyurethane on Timber) and A Man always wants what He Can't Have (Ink on Ragg Paper, Framed).

Friends and Inspirations

Here's some art I've recently been given by my friends and fellow artists.  These guys are the people who keep me doing what I do.  Thankyou all.  Artists from top to bottom: Sarah Rogalski, Paul McNeil, Matt Yaetes, Merry Wilson, Justin Williams, Claudio Kirac, Ben Havenaar and the lovely A.B.!

Not Promising a set up

Here are some shots of our team setting up the 'No Promises' show at 19Karen.