Boxing Gay Show!

Here are 3 pieces I had on display at Ruby Tramp on the GC which featured myself, Boozy Bones (keef), metal and the one and only Benny Benny Ben Ben Havenaar.  Action Djs spun some tunes on the decks later in the night too!  These 3 pieces are all about 80ish cms wide!  Medium= Unstretched canvas with acrylic paint.

Art Soon Motors Now!

Here are some shots I took of The Jap Motors gig on the Gold Coast at Streetkid.
Was good to catch up with the fags themselves, and get on the wine and waves in the Bay known as Byron.  Hope you got to Syd in one piece and on time boys.  See you soon!  Apologies for the delay of art updates too!  No Bones and Xmasea art will be up soon! I promise!

Dogs and Stress

Here is a couple of photos of works in progress for an upcoming show 'No Promises' (see invite blog entry below), and a photo of my meat head dog.

No Promises and XmaSEA

Couple of shows that I'm in very very soon.  Come along and have a beer to celebrate another marketing ploy mocking peoples religions.

Porridge Flavoured Diamonds

Nate should flag medicine and take up photography. Geez there is way more money in photography like this opposed to fixing peoples bodies dude. P.S. Once again this is where photography can make porridge waves look like diamonds.

a Pussy's life

The opening of Nine Lives Gallery in Brisbane was last Friday night and it was far from pussy. It's a new rad little space in Brunswick Mall in Brisbane's Valley.  Congratulations to the boys for a cool gallery and smooth opening show. Below is a couple of pieces I had featured in the show.

Kitty Kats and Arty Fags

This is the flyer for an upcoming group show that I will have some work in at the first show at Nine Lives Gallery in Brisbane.  Check out their site and join their mailing list

Wat Ey Goes?

Here's a couple of shots that I got sent from my mate Matt from at  A guy by the name of Simon Perini took them apparently.  Hope you don't mind me putting these up Simon.

A dirty South among the North

Here's a shot from the first Southerly of Spring.  This shot makes the waves at Shark Alley look fun...they were not fun.  Thanks B.

Insight into a Garage©

These are three pieces I had in the Insight Garage artists show a few weeks ago in Sydney at the Garage Gallery in Bondi.  Was a loose night....Chu lose the pillow....Chu lose the blanket...for fun.

No Bones Big Guys

Here are a few more from the No Bones Show.  Any questions just shoot me an email. 

Shiver Me Timbers

Here are three pieces from our No Bones show earlier in the year.  Apologies for the long process of putting them up.  

How to Roll a combi in 1 day

So the short of it is, was doing a road trip from Melbourne to Byron Bay with my friend Sarah and we were 7 hours from Melbourne driving on the Princess Highway through the National Parks at 7:30pm and came around a corner on about 90-100km's an hour and a kangaroo was just chilling on the road as they do.  Next thing we are on the breaks spinning almost about to complete a 360 slide and then FLIP!  Two rolls onto the other side of the road landing off the road half a metre from some pretty solid looking trees drivers side down.  Pretty crazy stuff.  Luckily we both were able to be free of the car.  All is well now, just both with sore bodies and a dead combi.  RIP Willow (1972 - 2008), you will be missed honey.   Got 1 more killer photo to put up that was shot on film shortly after the cops arrived. 

Thanks Matthew

Here are a couple of shots my mate Matt took of me in Byron a couple of weekends ago.
The first one in a little switch tube of me at the Monkeys Ass, and the other is on a sweet 6'4 Sea Surfboard Single fin at Broken Head.  

Insight Garage Artists

Bondi, Sydney, Australia, 11th September.  Should be fun.

Kentucky Fried

This is a work Ben Havenaar and I collaborated for under our name eggsBENnNICKt.  We donated it to a charity lunch that raised money for the Gold Coast Childrens Hospital.  Not sure if we gave it a name so for now it is Untitled, 2008

Star Spangled Banter

So I'm back from America.  Such an amazing time.  This is just a tease of what went on while I was over there.  A zine documenting our trip is being pieced together as I type.  I'll keep you blogged nearer to its completion.


Long Long Time Between Posts

Hello. I have been super busy and haven't had the chance to update this blog. I'm off to California for a while, but would like to say thanks to everyone who attended NO BONES this month and we already have a show in the works for October. I'll keep you posted!


Hello there. Here is the flyer to a group show I'm having with two of my best friends Ben Havenaar and Merry Wilson. I would be lieing if I said I didn't want you to come along and check out our new work!