The Coal Burns

Here are a few shots of my buddy Mitch I stole from The Modern Collective blog from their recent adventures to Reunion Island. Here Mitch is riding one of the boards I painted up for him. For more about the trip/film go check out, movie will no doubt be nothing short of amazing.

Hannah Used to Skate Once too!

I think this was the only photo of me with my deck at 'I Used to Skate Once 5'.  And see that total hot babe next to me?  That's the infamous/famous Hannah Smith.  She sometimes helps me feed my addiction of caffeine each morning by making a sweet coffee.  I would tell you where she works but I don't want a queue of dudes waiting to see Hannah while I'm simply waiting for my daily flat white, 1 sugar Takeaway!  Please take note of my poison if you ever decide to surprise me with a caffeine hit!  Check out Hannah's art at 19Karen.  See you in the morning Hannah!  Photo courtesy of Mariam.


When I was in America last year visiting Hollywood we did the tourist thing and walked the Star Strip.  I took one photo of a star whilst there.  Absolute genius!  His legend will live on for ever.  

I don't Cell Sea Cell's by the Sea Shore

Dain Thomas shaper of SeaSurfboards finished my log and is only days away from receiving a surf.  Went down to Byron a couple of days ago and put my final touches on the deck before it receives a finish coat and fin box.  And for the record the board looks fricken tight! Cheers Dain, and thanks Matt Swaggeth for the photo!

Your Mum used to skate once!

So the other night (I used to skate once 5) was Rad Town.  The show was killer and so were the bands.  Heard nothing but praise about the show and fortunately for me I sold my deck, which will help pay off my parking fine that I received around the corner the following morning.  Thanks to Matt and crew from the Outpost for once again putting on a rad night!

Mini Mal

When I was in America last year I was visiting one of my dads best mates from California who I happened to have got my middle name from.  After sitting down to an epic buffet of home cooked food Joel busted out an old slide projector and showed us a bunch of photos of him and my dad from the 70's when Joel came out to Australia.  Seems like nothings changed from now and then, just a few more kooks in the water and on the roads.

art + music squared to the power of x = FUN

25th of June at the Zoo is the annual 'I used to skate once' show.  Some rad artists are part of it as well as 3 live bands.  You know you won't be doing anything better on a Thursday night so flag going to the mall and fending off freshly pubed teens and come along for a night guaranteed to be nothing Danny Devito of fun.


nick chalmers from lachie goldsworthy on Vimeo.

Stole the following words from my buddys Lachie's blog "edited some footage my mate trent took of nick chalmers logging down at broken a few weeks back. The res is really bad cause i cant figure out how to upload it properly. ah well."

Float to Spin

Float to Spin from Nicholas Chalmers on Vimeo.

This is a short film I had playing at my solo show "Yes! Yes! Yes! Thankyou but no!" in Brisbane at NineLives Gallery in March 2009. The film is a shot of me surfing a surfboard that my buddy Sam Smith shaped and I painted. Over the top of the clip is a bunch of photo sequences of the making of the board from shaping to glassing to painting.

Panda Me!

This is one of Dan's new shapes "The Panda".  It's the closest thing I've ridden to a short board in a long time and it goes rad.  Finished the art on it a couple of nights ago.  For more of Dan's boards check out his site  

Coal Burn

Just handed over a couple or freshly painted sleds to a buddy Mitch Coleburn (getting creepy in the bottom shot).  Mitch is 1 of 6 surfers who are part of a new film project called Modern Collective directed my buddy Kai Neville.  Was at Kai's studio the other day and got to see an edit from part of the film.  Not talking it up but it is looking nothing short of phenomenal.  I would definitely recommend you leave a spot on your dvd shelf for this film which is due out late this year.  While your on the net make sure you check out their blog to keep up on the latest of their adventures

Garry Swaggeth

This is one of my best friends Matt Yaetes (aka Garry Swaggy).  Matt is a good buddy of mine and also my "manager" so to speak when necessary.  This is a shot taken from Seasurfboards who took it from inbyronbaytoday.  Matt was pretty stoked on the shot as this was the first hang-five he's ever landed.