Ze Whisky Gallery

Apparently the Whisky Bar couldn't have gone better. The whisky was flowing and the floors were about to collapse.

Here are three new pieces that I have on display at the Whisky Gallery from top to bottom: Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again. (Think they are 200mm square? Sorry for image quality too, just a quick snap on my phone before I posted them down to the boys at the 11th hour).


Motel Albury said...

Hi Nicholas,

sounds like it was a great night at the whiskey bar,the photos look pretty cool I like the art piece in the middle it looks interesting... is that all done by brush? or do you spray some parts to get certain type of effects?

Nicholas Chalmers said...

Hey Motel Albury,

all the detail is done with ink and brush on acrylic and the colourful splice is a road map from Germany.