Le Festival Adore

Le Festival Adore from Nicholas Chalmers on Vimeo.

This is the film which I made for my installation at 'I USED TO SKATE ONCE 6' Exhibiton.

The movie is cut from a reel of Super8 Film I shot in outback Australia. I used the best images from the reel as most of it was over exposed courtesy of my broken camera.

Basically the film is a bit of tongue and cheek for all the art-house style films out there that use antique looking footage and non-english voices. Nothing serious just an attempt of a bit of light hearted humour. I'm hoping viewers who speak French will get a laugh out of this as the subtitles and talking are completely non-related. For example the French dialogue starts a little something like this "Isn't it funny how you can say anything in French and it sounds so sexy..."

Enjoy (hopefully)


Matthew said...

Yes indeed! ha ha funny how that is so true... Where a bouts in out back Australia did you shoot this Nicholas?

Nicholas Chalmers said...

Hey Matthew,

this was filmed 5 hours west of Brisbane about an hour west of a place called Dalby.


christopher schulstad said...

you are ze fargo