Ze Frog and Toad.

September 2010

Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane



Motel Albury said...

Hello there,

the video sparked my curiosity, just wandering what it's about... is it for an upcoming show? or something

Nicholas Chalmers said...

Hey Motel Albury,

yeh this is just a teaser for my solo show that will be exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in early September.

More updates to come.

Restaurant Melbourne said...

I'm curious as well after watching that... what kind of a show are you doing Nicholas?

Nicholas Chalmers said...

Cheers for the curiosity 'RM', I won't be disclosing anything just yet. Let's just say it's not your 'average' style show? Keep checking back for more on 'Ze Frog & Toad'. Sorry I can't disclose any more at this stage.