Dane Peterson is a marvelous man.  I first became aware of Peto in Thomas Campbell's films Sprout & The Seedling.  From the stuff I'd seen in these movies I'd come away with an opinion on the guy.  1. He has a mental surfing style and approach that I ''heart the shit'' out of and 2. He seems like a tonne of fun (and little did I know he's a master behind any camera you throw at him).  If you'd asked me back then ''do you think Dane will be one of your best friends one day?" I would have answered "HELL NO!!!" only because I didn't think it would have happened not because we weren't similar in some-ways.  X-amount of years later I call Dane ''one of my best friends''.  "Blowing-wind much?" You might say.  I'd probably say this if I read it, but whatever, blowing-wind is far from it.  The kid has a heart of gold and all his friends know it.  PS. The shots above are a few shots of Dane took of me messing around the last few weeks.  Enjoy or don't.

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