J. Sternbach x Chalmers (stoked!)

Joni Sterbach's work can't be described in words.  I tried but sat in front of my keyboard with the little typing cursing blinking away, not knowing what words to put down.  For now I think it's best that I let her work do the talking that you can check out at on her website here.  I was lucky enough to be asked by Joni to have my portrait taken and I didn't even need to think about my answer.  I spent the morning at the Pass, Byron Bay and watched on in amazement as Joni worked away taking other portraits and developing them on the spot.  When it came time to develop my photo I stood back and watched on and once the process had finished she asked my opinion.  I was lost for words and thought ''who cares about my opinion? You're the artist"  and that's what I ended up saying.  She laughed and then I said "This is going to be the photo I want at my funeral".  For now I've got to much I want to achieve so hopefully you wont see this on a casket any time soon! Thankyou to Joni and her assistant Kim for making it a day I will never forget, and thanks to Paul and Craig from ArtPark for bringing her out here and introducing me to Joni.  Will post some shots I took on the day soon and I sent off a roll of super8 I shot as well so that will be up here in the next few weeks.

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