Sorry! for the lack of posts for the last 6-months and happy new year.  I've been avoiding the computer as much as possible of late even though it's been near impossible with the amount of rain we've had here in Australia.  I don't have an excuse for lack of posts, just shear laziness.  Now that it's a new year though my resolutions are in place and I aim to update this sucker more than once a year.  Heaps of photos to go through and a few sneaky super8 rolls back from the lab so stay tuned.  As for the photos above; the top one is one I snapped on my tech-phone of a hellman who had recently bought a keyboard from the local op-shop and with the help of the store attendant used an occy strap to fasten it to his back to transport it on his Harley.    And as for the bottom one; it is a frame grab from a Super 8 roll shot on the 'Ze Frog & Toad' Trip that will soon be spliced and posted on the world wide web for your viewing.

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