1000 words for each....nearly

Image 1:
This is what happens when you try hold up my local Chemist. A middle age man walked into my local Chemist dressed in socks. Yes that is all Socks! He also was wearing a backpack, on his back (where you do) and holding a knife. Long story short as he was leaving the store a 'local good sam-ary-tan' decided to smack him across the noggin with the a-frame sign that sat out the front. Knocked out cold ready for the boys in blue.
Image 2:
Ben and Friend soaking up the summer sun. Not much about this shot but I just like the colours of the water and all the light shimmers.
Image 3:
An incidental double exposure featuring the DT 'Lucky Chalm', Gato Gato and Matty boys Shovel Nose the 2nd.
Image 4:
Little Lilly Cherie would be to young to probably even have seen this sign made for her let alone appreciate it, but I thought I would take a photo of it just because so much effort was put into it. This shot also incidentally features the 'Lucky Chalm' via double exposure.
Image 5:
Saw this random bougainvillea plant growing out a crack on a big white wall down in Burleigh. Something about it took my eye and I wrote it down on a scrap piece of paper as something I wanted to photograph. So I did.

All photos shot on my trusty LCA+ with Fuji 200 Colour Slide x-processed

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