Hannah Used to Skate Once too!

I think this was the only photo of me with my deck at 'I Used to Skate Once 5'.  And see that total hot babe next to me?  That's the infamous/famous Hannah Smith.  She sometimes helps me feed my addiction of caffeine each morning by making a sweet coffee.  I would tell you where she works but I don't want a queue of dudes waiting to see Hannah while I'm simply waiting for my daily flat white, 1 sugar Takeaway!  Please take note of my poison if you ever decide to surprise me with a caffeine hit!  Check out Hannah's art at 19Karen.  See you in the morning Hannah!  Photo courtesy of Mariam.

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nicholas chalmers said...

hannah used to skate, but i forgot to mention my best friend brendon who blogs at the antijoy still skates plenty.

check him out at http://theantijoy.blogspot.com/

he's probably the raddest guy i know!