How to Roll a combi in 1 day

So the short of it is, was doing a road trip from Melbourne to Byron Bay with my friend Sarah and we were 7 hours from Melbourne driving on the Princess Highway through the National Parks at 7:30pm and came around a corner on about 90-100km's an hour and a kangaroo was just chilling on the road as they do.  Next thing we are on the breaks spinning almost about to complete a 360 slide and then FLIP!  Two rolls onto the other side of the road landing off the road half a metre from some pretty solid looking trees drivers side down.  Pretty crazy stuff.  Luckily we both were able to be free of the car.  All is well now, just both with sore bodies and a dead combi.  RIP Willow (1972 - 2008), you will be missed honey.   Got 1 more killer photo to put up that was shot on film shortly after the cops arrived. 

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